1) aff. a suffix occurring in loanwords from Greek denoting a group or unit comprising a certain number, sometimes of years:

myriad; Olympiad; triad

2) aff. a suffix meaning “derived from,”“related to,”“associated with,” occurring in loanwords from Greek (dryad; oread) and in New Latin coinages on a Greek model (bromeliad; cycad)
3) aff. a suffix used, on the model of Iliad, in the names of epics, speeches, etc., derived from proper names:

Dunciad; jeremiad

Etymology: < Gk -ad-, s. of -as II
aff. var. of -ade:

ballad; salad

cvb zool. aff. a suffix used in anatomy to form adverbs from nouns signifying parts of the body, denoting a direction toward that part:


Etymology: < L ad toward, anomalously suffixed to the noun

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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